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7 tips to improve iPhone performance, one-click to speed up your iPhone

IApple iPhone 12 Pro Max
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

With the continuous update of the iPhone iOS version, the demand for performance usage is also increasing. If you are currently using an iPhone 2 to 3 years ago or earlier, you will inevitably feel that with the update of the iOS version, the iPhone will become more and more stuck, slower, and faster and faster. When you encounter this situation, you may wish to refer to the following 7 simple settings to reduce unnecessary mobile phone performance waste and make your iPhone recover smoothly without jamming!

  1. Close the background app to refresh
  2. Turn off iTunes and App Store automatic download
  3. Reduce transparency
  4. Reduce dynamic effects
  5. Turn off unwanted app location services
  6. Clear browsing history and website information
  7. Organize iPhone storage

“Clear browsing history and website data” and “organize iPhone storage space” are the two things that you need to develop the habit of “regular” organization!

Close the background App and refresh

「Settings」→「General」→「Background App Reorganization」

Before the app is completely closed, it will be in a “pause state” and will be executed briefly in the background, automatically checking and updating the content, especially the weather, news, and other apps with real-time information.

Since not all applications need to be refreshed immediately, if the “Background App Refresh” is turned off, apps in a suspended state will not be actively opened, refreshed, or occupy mobile phone system resources. Therefore, I suggest that you can close some of the less useful or infrequently used App programs by yourself to reduce the number of background updates and improve the performance of the phone.

Turn off the automatic download of iTunes and App Store

「Settings」→「iTunes and App Store」→「Turn off automatic downloads」

When “Automatic Download” is turned on, the device will be linked to the Apple ID, and any items purchased on all devices (tablets, computers, etc.) under the same Apple ID will be automatically downloaded to mobile phones or other devices. By turning off this automatic download item, the CPU load can be reduced and this kind of unexpected download process can be avoided, which will slow down the entire mobile phone system.

Reduce transparency

SettingsGeneral → AccessibilityDisplay and text sizeEnable to reduce transparency」

The translucent blur effect displayed on the screen is quite costly on mobile phone performance. When we turn off the transparency reduction function, although the visual appearance will become less beautiful, the overall smoothness of use will be improved. Turning off this setting will not only make the CPU load less, effectively speed up the phone, but also save power.

Reduce dynamic effects

「Settings」→「General」→「Accessibility」→「Reduce dynamic effects」→「Enable」

Dynamic effects are iOS in order to create depth on the screen of the phone. For example, the animation in the background will zoom when the Weather App is turned on. But in fact, this function is not very practical. It just allows users to experience a richer and more interesting screen when using the iPhone. So if we want the phone to become faster, disabling dynamic effects will be effective. Enhance mobile phone performance.

Turn off unwanted app location services

「Settings」→「Privacy」→「Location Services」→「Turn off Location Services」

There are many apps on the iPhone that automatically turn on the location function, but not everyone or all apps need location services. These location services are one of the most power-hungry features of the iPhone. Therefore, I suggest that this feature can be used as a necessary choice Sexual opening is better.

There are three options of “Never”, “Use Period” and “Always” in the settings. If you feel that some apps don’t need positioning at all, or you don’t want that app to obtain your geographic location data, set “Never”, Once and for all!

Clear browsing history and website information

Settings →  Safari」 → Clear browsing history and website information

Too little hard disk capacity in the iPhone will also reduce the performance of the phone. The browsing history and website data of the browser will occupy the hard disk space of the phone under long-term use. The habit of regularly clearing these browsing records and website data will make iPhone Use efficiency is improved.

Organize iPhone storage

「Settings」→  「General」→「Storage and iCloud Usage」→「Manage Storage」

Regularly organize iPhone storage space, delete or uninstall apps that you use less frequently, and you will get more phone hard disk space. Look at the editor below. My original available space was 4.13GB, but after I removed unnecessary apps, the available space became 7.26GB! Is it useful?

The above are 7 simple settings that can save iPhone performance and improve fluency. You can give it a try!

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