About Us

TechGut was established in 2013. It is a group of industry and media professionals with high enthusiasm and interest in information technology, energy, mobile computing, Internet, medical, and biotechnology. The main task of the TechGut is to produce original articles with opinions and characteristics.

The management team is mainly composed of people from the scientific and industrial circles. Because of the lack of professional technology media with in-depth content, we are committed to promoting high-quality new media focusing on various related technology industry reports, and in-depth content. And to the international market.

The executive team is dominated by a group of editors with knowledge and expertise and continues to produce relevant technical articles and reports that contribute to the future of mankind every day.

In Science and Technology News, we not only report valuable and meaningful information but also publish opinions or comments with overall views and personal views. Trends, inside stories, and news that are of concern to the market and the industry. These contents and information are extremely large. Part of it comes from the accumulation of long-term observation and industry contacts. When reading, readers can remain cautious and share the discussion with us.

I hope that every reader can find a valuable reference that suits you and the content you like on this Science and Technology News website. We like to help others and hope to be a valuable and opinionated media. Our support and encouragement from readers in different fields at home and abroad is the biggest driving force for our progress.

We welcome all readers to participate/witness the growth of Science and Technology News.