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Best live streaming SDK for Android

streamaxia Streaming sofrware
streamaxia The Best Streaming Software in 20201

Talking about the process of real-time video streaming. It starts with the camera. Today’s cameras are digital cameras that can capture images at an amazing 4K resolution (2160p). This resolution requires a very high bit rate to support the “raw” digital video signal output from the camera, so the cable used to transmit this signal must be able to handle large amounts of data. In some cases, HDMI or Ethernet cables can be used. But in most cases, 4K signals transmitted over long distances require SDI cables to manage bandwidth requirements.

Handling a great amount of data:

As the amount of data signal created is in a great amount it needs to be optimized and processed well to get the best outcome from the video being produced.
To get this done application like Steamaxia are used,
Streamaxia OpenSDK is a powerful live video streaming library for iOS and Android-based on RTMP that you can integrate within seconds in your app.

What is RTMP:

RTMP video streaming player is a kind of media component, supports custom video URL addresses, and can add a video player to the visualization application to play your video. The RTMP video stream player component only supports the video stream of the RTMP protocol. This article introduces the meaning of each configuration item of the RTMP video streaming player.

Features of Steamaxia:

⦁ High Definition Video
⦁ Low Latency Streaming
⦁ No Network Restrictions
⦁ Save Video Locally
⦁ Encrypted Streaming

Streamaxia is compatible with both Android and iOS, Providing amazing packages from yearly to lifetime are granted.

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