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3 Solutions to Fix Vibration on Android Not Working

Fix Vibration on Android Not Working

You can use vibrations on your device as a substitute for ringtones that are no longer popular. Instead of using a ringtone use vibrate more because it is simpler and less annoying.

Ringtones were quite popular a few years ago and are often used as ringtones for incoming calls and SMS. But now users don’t really like ringtones and prefer vibrating. Vibration has its own advantages, namely that it still provides information to us but is silent and not noisy. Although it often causes the user to be unaware of the vibration, it is more suitable for today.

In general, all mobile devices already have vibrations ranging from old-school cellphones to smartphones. But unfortunately in some cases, the vibration on the cellphone does not work, especially on Android. The vibration that doesn’t work on Android can be caused by several factors. 

So that you don’t know what can cause vibrations to not work and how to fix vibration on android not working, you can read this article to the end. Here are some of the causes that cause your Android phone not to vibrate.

Fix Vibration on Android Not Working

1. Active Silent Mode

That’s right, you most likely activate Silent mode . If Silent mode is active other than Ringtone will not sound, the vibrate feature will also not vibrate. Meanwhile, if you use Vibration mode the device will vibrate without making a sound.

On some Android devices the Vibration and Silent modes are a different part. Therefore, if you have activated Vibration mode, you don’t need to activate Silent mode because it can cause the vibration to not work.

2. The Vibration Feature is Off

The next one because the option Vibrate is not active. In addition to the Vibration mode, you can adjust it according to your needs, starting from touch vibration, notification vibration, to keyboard vibration. If you don’t activate vibration, the device will not vibrate even though it is in Vibrate mode.

For example, it is quite helpful for you to vibrate the keyboard, so don’t turn off this feature. If the vibrate feature on your keyboard is turned off, the device will not vibrate when you use the keyboard.

3. Vibration Error or Damage

The last cause is because the Vibration or Vibrate of your device is error or it is not working. If the vibration on your cellphone is not functioning, you will not find the vibration at all.

This problem can occur due to an error or it is corrupted. You can reboot the device to make sure. If the device has rebooted but the vibration is still inactive then the Vibration is already damaged.

So, these are some of the causes that can cause vibrations on your cellphone to not work. The vibrations on the cellphone should still function because they are rarely damaged. If it is damaged, your cellphone will not vibrate before it is repaired.

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