How to cast from chrome mobile: 5 steps!


Let’s take a look at how to cast from chrome mobile. The Google TV Stick has recently gone viral. Google claims that everyone only needs to plug it directly into the HDMI port on the back of the TV, and then connect the Chromecast to the Wifi at home through a mobile phone (or any device that can use the Chrome browser). Easy to say, to start with is not to say that Google is as simple as it? 

1. Plug in Chromecast

Plug the Chromecast into your TV. If your HDMI port is different from the normal (for example, narrow), see if the interface extension prepared by Google in the box can help. Use micro USB to charge it on the other end.

2. Install Chrome

Although Chromecast claims to support cross-platform mobile devices, including Android, iOS, and so on. But currently, there are only a few apps that support it (YouTube, Netflix, Pandora). If you want your Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Spotify services to be sent to the TV, you have to pray for the Chrome web browser to make that happen, Click here to install Chrome first.

3. Install Google Cast extension

This plug-in must be used with the Chrome web browser to transfer videos from Chrome. So download this plug-in first, so that you can transmit videos on the Internet. Click here for the official download address.

4. Install Chromecast Desktop/Android Settings App

Chromecast settings allow it to identify your home WiFi network, here are two ways:

1) Download the Chromecast setup application for your desktop computer and laptop.
2) For your mobile device, download the Chromecast Android setup application from Google Play.
After installation, wait for the setup program to automatically identify a valid Chromecast network. After completion, type in the WiFi password to let Chromecast to be connected to the network.

5. Start casting

Now Chromecast is running on your home network, your desktop computer, laptop, a mobile device can be connected to this network, and then download the app that supports Chromecast to get started first, below is the YouTube service, you can see clearly on the screen of Chromecast.