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How To Find MAC Address On iPhone, Android, and Windows – Simple Guide

Please note that all electronic devices such as Android, iPhone, PC connected to the internet network must have a MAC address. MAC itself stands for Media Access Control and means a unique address on the network and contains a code of conduct. Meanwhile, MAC Address is a unique code of ethics attached to a network card or a unique identity used to identify anyone connected or to communicate with each other. Then how to find MAC Address on iPhone, Android, and Windows? For more details, see the article below.  

How To Find MAC Address on Android

There are five ways to see MAC Address on Android. All of these methods can be chosen by gadget users according to their needs and convenience. What are the five ways? here’s the answer:

1. Via the Settings Menu

  1. Enter the settings menu on the Android smartphone, or it could be via the icon at the top of the screen or on the main screen.
  2. Then look for the menu about the cellphone / about the phone . This menu is not always at the bottom of the other menu lists.
  3. After entering about the phone, then look for the status then tap.
  4. Users will find a menu about the WiFi MAC Address. 
  5. From this menu, the user will know the MAC Address of the Android smartphone.

2. Via WiFi Settings

  1. Open the settings menu on the android smartphone 
  2. Then select the Wi-Fi menu, then connect the smartphone to an available Wi-Fi network at that place
  3. Tap the Wi-Fi network that you have connected with, then open advanced settings
  4. After that, the user can see the MAC Address on the available options

3. Through DIAL

To find out the MAC Address, users can see it through the DIAL code on an Android smartphone. In addition, by using this code users can also access other information such as IP Address and signal information. The DIAL method is easy enough that even ordinary people can do it, as long as they know the code entered. Here’s how to see the mac address via Dial:

  1. To do this, just go to the DIAL keyboard or dial pad, then type ## 29889 ## 
  2. Then press the call button
  3. After that, a new window will appear that displays information containing the MAC Address number of the android smartphone used. 

Note: This code may not work on some Android phones

4. Via What’s My MAC Address

Apart from using the menu facilities available on an Android smartphone directly, you can also see the MAC address with the help of an application. This application is called What’s My MAC Address. How to use the What’s My MAC Address application is quite easy, including:

  1. Users must first download and then install it on an Android smartphone 
  2. After the application is installed, open the application then the user can see the MAC Address on the main view of this application.

5. Through the MAC Address Finder

Apart from using the What’s My MAC Address application, you can also view MAC Address through other applications, such as the MAC Address Finder application. This application also has other functions such as checking IP, viewing various information about networks, and other functions. This application is very easy to use, here’s how:

  1. First, download and install the MAC Address Finder application on an Android smartphone
  2. After that open the application. After that automatically, all information about the MAC Address will be available on the main menu.

How to See MAC Address on iPhone

How to see the MAC Address on an iPhone can only be done in one way, it is different from other devices. MAC Address on the iPhone can be seen through the settings menu only. Here’s the review:

1. Via the Settings Menu

  1. First, please open the settings menu
  2. After that scroll down, find and tap the general option
  3. Next, go to regarding
  4. Scroll down and select a Wi-Fi address
  5. On the Wifi address, there is a code next to it. This code is the MAC address of the iPhone

How to Find MAC Address on Windows 10

admin | Tech Gut How to find MAC address of Windows

1. Through CMD

CMD stands for Command Prompt which is a powerful tool that is deliberately embedded in Windows. CMD has many functions, one of which is to view MAC Address in Windows. How to use CMD is quite easy. Here’s how to see the Mac address on Windows that can be done:

  1. First, open CMD via the search menu on the Windows start menu
  2. Type cmd in the search menu and press enter
  3. Next, a CMD window will appear with a black background. From this window, users can find out various MAC Address information such as MAC Address for LAN (Ethernet) and Wi-Fi (Wireless) by typing “ipconfig /all”. 

To find the LAN (Ethernet) MAC Address, users can search for and select the Ethernet LAN adapter option. Meanwhile, if the user wants to know the Wi-Fi MAC Address, select the Wi-Fi wireless LAN adapter. After choosing from these options, pay attention to the line code that reads the physical address. This code is the MAC address of the windows used. 

2. Through the Control Panel

How to find MAC Address on Windows 10 can then be seen through the control panel menu. This method is quite easy and can be used by anyone. The method is as follows:

  1. Open the control panel menu, you can go through the search menu on the Windows start menu
  2. After entering the control panel window, click View network status and task under the Network and Internet menu
  3. Then find and click change adapter settings which are on the left side of the top of the computer screen
  4. After that, a network connection window will appear that contains various information on the computer network adapters used, including Wifi, LAN, Bluetooth, and so on. Next, determine the MAC address of which adapter you want to know. 
  5. If you have made the choice double click on that option to display the status window
  6. Then click on details. A new window will appear displaying various information, one of which is the MAC Address which is to the right of the physical address writing.

3. Through the Settings menu in Windows 10

This method is specifically used for laptops with Windows 10 OS. The method is quite easy and simple. Here are the steps: 

  1. The first step is to click the settings menu in the Windows start menu or the Windows logo on the lower left of the computer screen
  2. After this setting window opens, then click network & internet
  3. Then click Wi-Fi to see the MAC Address of the Wi-Fi network or click Ethernet if the user wants to know the MAC Address of the LAN. 

After the user makes a choice of Wifi or Ethernet, click hardware properties to open the properties window which contains various information such as MAC Address and so on. Pay attention to the code in the physical address line. This code is the MAC address windows are looking for.

So that’s how to see MAC Address for Android, iPhone and Windows. It is hoped that the methods mentioned above can help users to see MAC addresses easily and without being complicated. 

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