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How To Fix Fast Charging Not Working Problem

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In this article, we will see how to fix the fast charging not working problem. The Fast Charging feature is one of the features that is sought after by people who want to buy smartphones, especially Android smartphones. As you know, there are quite a lot of brands that adopt Android with various types.

Fast Charging is quite taken into account when someone buys an Android device besides taking into account the SoC, camera, and battery capacity specifications. Why is this feature so calculated even though it is a new feature? The reason is that many Android devices use large batteries so that the device can be used longer. To charge a battery with a large mAh capacity will definitely take a long time.

Now with Fast Charging, the battery charging process can be 30% -50% faster. Fast Charging is a standard feature of the existing fast charging process. Because there are other types of fast charging like Super Charging. Although Fast Charging is a standard feature, this feature is not always active or functional. Of course, there are quite a lot of causes and factors that can cause Fast Charging to be inactive, one of which is due to safety factors.

Therefore, I will explain some of the causes and solutions to solve fast charging that is not working. But before continuing, you can read about how to solve the AirPods case not charging problem.

How to Fix Fast Charging Not Working

1. Make sure the device supports these features

That’s right, not all devices support the fast charging or Fast Charging feature. Make sure the device you are using supports it. If it doesn’t support it, it’s useless to fill it with a charger that has a large Watt.

2. Make sure the charger has a large wattage

I myself don’t know what the minimum Watt is on the charger which can be called Fast Charging. But the required charger for fast charging at least uses an 18 Watt charger.

3. Problematic Data Cables and Other Problems

Data cables are often a major problem because they are often pulled, stepped on, or bent. Therefore, make sure the cable you have is still good. In addition, make sure the cable is connected properly to the charger head.

4. Temperature Too High

Fast Charging will be effective when the device is in a cold or normal temperature state. The Fast Charging feature will not activate if the device is hot or exceeds a temperature of 30 ℃ or 40 ℃ more.

5. Fast Charging Is Not Active or Already Dead

For those of you who don’t know, charging with a large Ampere is only active if the battery is charged at a certain percentage. As far as I know, fast charging will be active after the battery is 20% charged and will die before the battery is 90% charged.


So, these are some of the causes and solutions to fix the Fast Charging not working problem when the device is being charged. You can find out for yourself and the most common is because there is a problem with the charger or data cable. Sometimes an errored device can also cause Fast Charging to be inactive.

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