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How To Fix Tinder Shadowban

Do you think you got shadowbanned on tinder? Well in this article I’m going to go over all the symptoms which results in Tinder Shadowban and what you can do to make sure that you don’t get Tinder shadowbanned again so let’s start:

What is a Tinder Shadowban?

A Tinder shadowban is not a permanent ban on Tinder you can still log in to the app and use it but tinder will restrict your profile. On the other hand, if the Tinder account is fully banned you will not be able to log into your profile and you’ll keep getting a 4303 error.

Now if you are shadowbanned tinder will limit what you can actually do on the app so the symptoms of this are you’re going to get a Tinder something went wrong error all the time you’ll have no likes, people won’t see your messages, and just have a lot of issues with the app.

But again you can log in to Tinder and it seems like you aren’t banned but nothing will work overall. One way you can fix this Tinder shadowban is to completely reset your tinder account by following the instructions below:

  1. You have to login into Tinder and delete your Tinder profile
  2. Make a new Facebook account or Gmail account
  3. Buy a new phone number
  4. And build out a new Tinder profile from scratch

This will reverse the Tinder shadowban and you can start using it all over again.

How Did You Get Shadowbanned From Tinder?

There are a few different ways that result in the shadowban. If you continue to swipe right over and over again tinder might think you are a bot. Tinder might shadowban you because of that.

If you go out there and you send inappropriate messages to a girl/guys just like straight-up asking for inappropriate pictures. Or sending something very sexual they might report your profile. If you get enough reports over time tinder will shadowban you. Due to that, you can’t send messages out and people will not be able to see your profile due to shadowban.

So I’ve seen that happen quite a bit. Now do I think a lot of people get shadowbanned on Tinder? I do not.

Reasons Your Tinder Profile Doesn’t Get Boost

I think this happens with a lot of people happen is when they first create a Tinder account. Tinder gives you an initial boost on your profile to try to figure out what your ELO score is. So you’re going to initially get a lot of matches and likes within those first 24 to 48 hours. And then right after that, your profile goes into the middle of the deck if it isn’t properly optimized because of the reasons below:

  1. You might have some bad pictures
  2. Maybe you might have not written a good bio
  3. You know I might have anything interesting or intriguing to say to people
  4. You won’t message people
  5. Or you do some of these other things like continue to swipe right

Your profile won’t be shown to as many people, so your matches and likes from the beginning of that boost are going to go down. Due to this people think they are shadowbanned but most likely they are not shadowbanned. And if they are permanently banned and they would know if they get a Tinder 4303 error or sometimes Tinder error 5000.

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