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How To Optimize Your Windows 10 For Gaming

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming
Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Sometimes Your Pc is not That bad or Low End You just needed to optimize your Windows Pc For Gaming Most of the Times Even High-End pc Lags or Drops fps in Online And Offline Games. Windows Operating system is already very Optimized but You just need to open up your computer potential so In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can optimize Windows 10 for gaming.

Updating Your Whole System

How to Update your Windows

Windows Should be your First Priority

Windows Update Settings
admin | Tech Gut Windows Update Settings
  1. Open Windows Update settings You can search in the windows search bar.
  2. Check for The latest Updates.
  3. If Updates are available Click Download and install.

How to Update Old Drivers On Your Pc

Sometimes Old Drivers causes Games lags and Fps Drops and you feels your Computer is Slow So update your Drivers

Finding which driver is older is difficult so We Recommend you to Download Driver booster

Driver Booster

Driver Booster is the best Free Software available on the Internet Which is very helpful in Downloading and updating your old windows and other devices drivers. It is fully automatic you just have to click on scan and Wait When Available Updates are Found If you have Bought the Premium version you don’t need to click one by one just click on update all or if you are using the free version of Driver Booster Than You have to Update your Drivers one by one.

admin | Tech Gut Driver Booster Software

Before doing All this I would like to suggest you to Create Restoration Point If you Mess up Something you can go back to widows real state.

Restore Point

Steps To Create Restore Point In Windows 10

  1. Click on Start Menu
  2. Search For Create a Restore Point and Open it
  3. Go to System Protection
  4. You will see Create a Restore Point right Now for the drives that have a system turned on,
  5. Click Create and Now Name your System Restore Point. (You can give any name you want)
  6. When the System restores point successfully created Click Close and you are done here.

What if you want to access Your system restore point Here are the Steps To access your Restore point you have created earlier.

Steps To Access Restore Point

  1. Right Click on the Windows Icon of Start Menu
  2. Open Run and Type This Command “rstrui.exe” and click ok
  3. You, Will, see your Restore point which you have created earlier.

High Performance Settings

  1. Go to the search panel and type in the control panel.
  2. Look For the System and Security.
  3. You will see power options there.

You will see Balance (Recommended) which is the default settings for windows. If you are using your windows pc for daily routine work then you don’t need to change just go with the windows recommended settings If you are a gamer and want your pc to perform well then go with High Performance. In High performance, your pc work more efficiently and it gives the juice it needs basically working on a higher level this goona boost your fps and reduce Games lags

admin | Tech Gut Windows High Performance Settings

Now Go back to System and Security > System > Advance system settings .

A system properties box will appear to go to performance settings Once you there If you see Let the Windows choose What’s best for my computer Which is best for the standard computers if you really wanted to boost your windows performance change it to Custom And Check these two options “Smooth edges of screen fonts” and “show thumbnails instead of icons”

admin | Tech Gut Windows Performance Options

Removing Cache Data from Windows 10 Always speed up and Improve Computer Performance

How to clear cache data from your computer this is very easy and you don’t need any kind of software to clear cache data computer always saves crash reports and other software stuff which need to be remove from your pc. Which take up a lot of space and no use of it These temporary files slows down windows performance. So here are The steps To Clear All Cache Data From your Pc.

  1. Go to the Drive where your Windows has installed. Mostly windows installed in C drive.
  2. Open C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download This is where your windows updates data saves which we don’t need anymore after the windows updates.
  3. So Select All and Delete All the Data

Removing Temp Files

  1. Win+R Or open Run Directly.
  2. Type %temp% and And press Ok
admin | Tech Gut

3. Select All The files And Press Delete.

4. Again Open Run By pressing Win+R And Type “temp” without “%” Sign

5. Delete All The Files Which are Present There Sometimes Some Files can’t be deleted So just Leave it

Prefetch Files

  1. Open Run And Type “Prefetch” click Ok
admin | Tech Gut

2. Again Select All and And hit Delete key.

Windows Store Data

  1. Open Run And Type “wsreset’
  2. A new Prompt Will Appear just Wait and Let him do his Job
  3. After that, the windows store will open you can close it your job is done here.

Smart Game Booster

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