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How To See International Google Search Results

how to Access Google Overseas

For those of you who don’t know how to Access Google Abroad, Google’s main domain is Google.com for the USA and international countries. So before our device detects our current region as it is today if we access Google it will use Google.com.

But now on Android, if we do a search in the search field, the default will use Google.com.pk, namely Google Pakistan. There is no significant difference between Google.com, Google.com.pk, and Google for other countries.

The difference may be that content that uses the language of the country is prioritized. In addition, search filters are also organized by country. Therefore, there is a lot of content that you cannot find on Google.com and Google.com.pk.

Meanwhile, in other countries, the content can still be found in search results. Then how do you access Google in other countries? like how to enter Google Singapore or Google France? The method is very easy. There are already many Google addresses in the world, so this time I will give an example of several ways to access Google Singapore and Google France or the United Kingdom. 

How to Access Google Abroad

1. You can immediately search for it in any country Google search with the keyword ” Google + Country “. For example ” Google Japan ” or ” Google Malaysia “

How to Access Google AbroadHow to Access Google Abroad

2. You can add a domain according to the country’s domain. For example, Pakistan is com.pk. Now to access Google Singapore, you can use com.sg to become Google.com.sg

how to Access Google Overseas

3. Finally, you can change the language & region settings for Google search. For this, please go to Settings> Regional Settings> Select Country> Save

How to See International Google Search Results

So that’s the way to access or browse Google abroad or Google from other countries. For the search results, if you use Indonesian keywords, the articles that will appear are predominantly from sites in Indonesian. If you have set the region to a country, you can search using the language of that country. 

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