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How To Take A Screenshot On Laptop – Step By Step Guide

How to Take a Screenshot on laptop
How to Take a Screenshot on laptop

In this article you will learn about how to take a screenshot on laptop, a screenshot can be used for example to send to another person what you see on your screen or to insert the screenshot image in a Word document. It is above all a very simple manipulation to achieve.

How to take a screenshot on laptop Via the PrtSc button and editing software

  1. To take a screenshot on the laptop and save that image, just press the PrtSc key. which is usually located at the top right of the keyboard.
  2. Then open image editing software such as Paint, Paint.NET, or other
  3. Press the Ctrl + V keys on the keyboard (or click on the Edit menu then Paste ) of your software.
  4. Optionally crop the image before saving it as JPG or PNG if you don’t want to alter it.

How to take a screenshot on laptop Via the Windows + PrtSc buttons

  1. There is a way to go even faster with Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10. Simultaneously press the Windows key on the keyboard and the PrtSc key: The system captures what is on the screen and saves it as an image in a Screenshots subfolder of the Pictures folder.
  2. Note that if you want to capture only the active window and not the entire screen, not just press the PrtSc key but simultaneously press the Alt and PrtSc key.
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How to take a screenshot on laptop Via the snipping tool on Windows 7 and Windows 10

  1. The Windows snipping tool is used to make an image copy of what is displayed on the screen or of an item displayed on the screen so that you can then annotate it. To launch it, click successively on the Start button, All ProgramsAccessories, and Snipping Tool. Or type “Snipping Tool” into the “Type here to search” search bar.
  2. Then select the “Snipping Tool”. A small window appears while the screen separates with a white veil and the mouse cursor turns into a cross.
  3. Select the area of ​​the screen to capture with the mouse. As soon as you release the mouse button, this image will appear in the software window.
  4. You can then draw on this image, note text in certain places, or highlight a passage. Use the eraser to erase what you just did if you made a mistake. 
  5. Then click the Save Capture Disk button to save the image to your hard drive. You can also copy it by choosing Edit then Copy to use it in another software such as Paint or paste it into an e-mail message.
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Tips: insert screenshot in Word

It is also possible to take a screenshot of a window with a single gesture and insert it as an image in a Word document. It is very practical to illustrate a block of text for example. To do this, open the window that contains what you want to capture. Then switch to Word and, in the Insert tab of the ribbon, click Capture. Word then gives you a preview of all open windows. Click on the one corresponding to the desired window to insert the Screenshot directly into the document.

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