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Samsung m51 Galaxy Design, Specifications and Price


In order to increase the battery life of mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers have also racked their brains. The easiest way is to increase the battery capacity. But the consequence of this is that the phone itself is thick and heavy. It takes a long time to be unbearable by consumers. At present, the popular flagships of mainstream manufacturers adopt similar methods to appropriately increase the battery capacity of mobile phones and configure a super-fast charger. But for mid-to-low-end mobile phones, mobile phone manufacturers have fewer concerns.

At present, many domestic low-end machines are basically equipped with 5000 mAh batteries, coupled with low-power processors, battery life is still very good. Samsung is more fierce than domestic mobile phone manufacturers, directly launching a mobile phone with a battery capacity of up to 7000 mAh, so it has also been ridiculed as a mobile power supply that can make calls.

The name of this phone is the Samsung Galaxy M51. The phone uses a center punch design and a rectangular quad camera on the back. In terms of specific configuration, it uses a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 1080P, a refresh rate of 60Hz, and a Snapdragon 730 processor.

In terms of cameras, the front is equipped with a 32-megapixel camera with 64 million + 12 million + 5 million + 5 million four-shots on the rear. The battery capacity is 7000 mAh, supports 25W fast charge, and pre-installed Android 10 system.

At present, the pre-sale has been opened in Europe first, and the price is really not cheap. The 6+128GB version is 360 Euros. In addition, it will be launched all over the world in September. Even if such a mobile phone is launched, with the development speed of domestic 5G mobile phones, no one should be willing to buy it. If a mobile phone with a 7000 mAh battery is launched, would you consider buying it?

Samsung Galaxy M51 First Look And Specifications

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