Simple Mobile APN Settings – Step by Step Guide

Simple Mobile APN Settings
Simple Mobile APN Settings

In this article, I am going to discuss Simple Mobile APN Settings and how to setup simple mobile APN settings for iPhone as well as how to setup simple mobile APN settings for android.

What is APN setting?

APN is an abbreviation for A (access) P (point) N (name), and it is an important setting that makes your smartphone recognize the Internet connection destination.
If you want to use mobile data, you must set APN.
This is one of the initial settings, and if you purchase a new smartphone, set it before using it.
If you follow the procedure, it will take about 3 minutes. If you do not know, you can also use the support of each company.

Preparation for APN setting

All you need to prepare in advance is a SIM card and a smartphone to be configured.
For the iPhone, you need to connect to Wi-Fi. Make settings in an environment where you can communicate via Wi-Fi (home, mobile router, free Wi-Fi, etc.).
Insert the SIM card into the smartphone, turn on the power, and make it ready for setting.

APN setting procedure

It is a simple setting that can be completed in about 3 minutes if you proceed according to the procedure.
The setting method differs between iPhone and Android. Please check each setting procedure below.

How to Setup Simple Mobile APN Settings For iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can view your APN settings in the following location:

  •  Open “Safari” (browser) with Wi-Fi already connected.
  • Go to this website
apn settings on iphone
  • Select your country, carrier and Click on create APN
apn settings iphone
  • A New tab will popup, you have to allow to open the settings
apn settings for iphone
  • Click on install
apn setting iphone
  • After installation APN settings will get saved automatically in your iPhone. Delete this app afterward
iphone apn setting

How to Setup Simple Mobile APN Settings For Android

On an Android smartphone, all you have to do is do a long press on the mobile data icon or go to:

  • Tap the settings icon.
apn settings for simple mobile
  •  Click on connections.
apn settings simple mobile
  •  Click on the mobile network.
set apn android

Note: Item names may vary depending on model.

  •  Tap the access point names.
android apn settings
  •  In the upper right corner of the screen  Tap on “ADD”.
apn settings for android

Note: The location and display of the icon may vary depending on the model.

  •  Enter the required information on the access point edit screen.

Note: In rare cases, settings other than [Name], [APN], [User Name], [Password], and [Authentication Type] are required.

  • Give this setting a name. (The name can be anything, but we recommend that you enter the name of the carrier you have a contract with.)
apn settings android
  •  Enter the manual enclosed with the purchased SIM card or the APN written on the manufacturer’s homepage.
apn simple mobile
  •  Also, enter the user name field.
simple mobile apn
  •  Enter the password here as well.
apn for simple mobile
  •  Finally, select the authentication type.
Simple mobile APN settings
  •  After entering each item, tap the checkmark at the top right of the screen to save.
simple mobile APN settings for Android
  •  Finally, select the newly created APN item to complete the setting!

Note:  Please note that depending on the model, it may take some time for the APN to start normally, or the settings may not be reflected without restarting.
If the APN still does not start, reset the settings once, and try again. There are many cases where the APN does not start due to an input error.
If there is no problem with the main unit and settings but the APN does not start, please contact the manufacturer.


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