Smartphones Are a Saviour In The Time Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Smartphones are a saviour in Coronavirus pandemic
Smartphones are a saviour in Coronavirus pandemic


Smartphones are a saviour in the time of coronavirus pandemic. Technology has brought about a massive change in the lives of every single person. Since the end of the 1940s, the third scientific and technological revolution marked by electronic computers, atomic energy, and aerospace technology began. These changes took time but were very significant and valuable for everyone as they not only turned out to be a source of ease and access but also allowed us to save time.

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As we know the value of time in our lives holds the utmost importance, technology in mobile phones helped in bringing a revolution. This revolution was time-consuming as firstly when mobile phones came they were not only large but also had a very minute amount of access options and were mainly used for communication purposes, but since developers and companies introduced software in phones that allowed people to not only communicate their loved ones but also proved to be helpful in various ways, referring to the browsing access given on phones where people can easily access Google through their smartphones. This helped people to be aware of their surroundings more and more.


As it is said “Health is wealth”, a healthy lifestyle helps us to cope up with the daily activities as well. In the earlier times, there were less of hospitals and development so people used to abstain from going to hospitals, similarly, sometimes the patient was unable to move and walk and in those times people used to travel several miles to get access to doctors and this was not only time-consuming but also expensive as well.

But today when we are unable to access hospitals so what do we do in such times? In this era, the only thing we readily have access to is our very own smartphone and that is the time we use it to not only communicate with doctors that are present online but also get a verified and safe treatment as well. Through our cell phones, we contact a doctor and present our symptoms to him upon which the doctor examines our health and gives us medical treatment which proves to be highly beneficial in such difficult times.


Recently the world faced a massive impact through the pandemic caused by the Corona Virus, many people lost their lives and the world suffered for quite a huge time but as most people were affected by coronavirus many were also being attacked by other diseases and this restricted them from reaching out to hospitals from the fear that they would also catch the COVID-19, so in these difficult and tough times app developers reached out and made apps that were useful to patients affected from diseases other than COVID-19.

This was a very inclusive and helpful step as people who were afraid to go to hospitals were now being treated at their homes and their very beds. They were not only getting treatment by online certified doctors but were also able to get medicines online from various electronic markets. This made people more and more aware of how technology brought a massive change in difficult times like these. There were certain applications on Smartphone’s that proved to be loyal before and during this pandemic like

  • Google Fit,
  • Samsung Health,
  • Calorie Counter,
  • Apple iHealth

Through these apps people kept track of their health and remained healthy during this pandemic.


As in 2019 a conference was held ”World artificial intelligence”. One of the main themes was “Smart Health· Foreseeing the Future”, the Health Summit aims to build a diverse, open and innovative global sharing and communication platform, where with the help of AI in-depth discussions will be conducted on topics such as development trends in the health field, industry supervision, innovative technologies, practical applications, and investment trends.


The upcoming generation has access to gadgets that are more efficient for their lives and allow them to keep track of their time and daily activities. Apple started to release Apple iWatches which were basically a smaller version of their Apple products and helped people to not only keep track of their time but also simultaneously get access to apps without reaching out into their pockets for their phones.

All applications were readily available on their iWatch. Similarly, in competition, bigger tech companies like Samsung and Xiaomi also launched their watches and smart bands with more impulsive features so that the audience would be more attracted to their products. These devices not only kept track of the heart rates but were also thoroughly used for tracking running distance. Some products released by these tech companies include,

  • Mi Band – HRX Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy Fit – Black
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active-2
  • Apple Watch Sport 42mm

These gadgets were widely used by people in order to keep track of their time, Health, Gym Activities, and also their business meetings side by side before and during these difficult times throughout the world.


As soon as this pandemic struck along with hospitals being more active during their hours, websites and online medical companies and doctors were also readily available for patients that refrained from going to hospitals and this was not only considered to be a safety measure but was also brought about a positive and well-defined impact on the technological revolution on how useful it turned out to be during these tough times. Pharmacies were also set online so that the medicines that were issued by certified medical staff and doctors were safely being brought to the patient. Patients had access to their smartphones from where to could also go to pharmaceutical markets online to buy their required medicines with ease of access and without having faulty doubts in their heads.


We highly observed the adaptive change that was brought in the lives of people through this technological revolution and how it brought about the majority of the positive impacts on the lives of people who could have suffered in these tough times.