[Solved] – How to Solve AirPods Case Not Charging Problem

Airpods case not charging
How to solve Airpods Case not charging problem

If you’re experiencing AirPods case not charging problem lately and you’re looking for a solution to make them work again then keep reading the article to fix your Airpods case not charging problem.

In this article, we will go through different possible solutions to fix the Airpod case not charging problems. You have to try each and every method so that you can use your Airpods again.

Reason Why Your Airpods Case Not Charging?

Airpod case not charging problem mainly arises due to some sort of software issue. There is some bug in the Airpods case system that prevents it from starting which results in not charging the Airpods. There are some fixes that can be applied to solve this problem.

Try Resetting your Airpods Case

There aren’t many troubleshooting methods that you can apply here to fix the problem with the software system because the Airpods case doesn’t provide an interface to see what could be the problem.
But you could try resetting your Airpods case because this is a basic step that needs to be taken to completely clear out the Airpods case errors and logs issues.
To reset the Airpods case follows the following steps:

  1. There is a setup button on the Airpods case which can be found on the backside of the case.

  2. You have to press the setup button and hold it till the light gives flashes.

  3. You have to release the button with the light flashes white

After following these steps your Airpods case will get reset. Try to charge your Airpods after resetting the Airpods case. Don’t worry if your Airpod case is still not charging the Airpods, move to the next method.

Clean the Airpods Case Charging Docks

The next thing you could do to fix the Airpod case not charging problem is to clean your Airpod case charging docks because almost everyone keeps the Airpod cases in their jeans pocket and it is not necessary to mention here that our pockets have a lot of dirt at the bottom.

This dirt usually gets stuck in the Airpods case which prevents it from charging the Airpod. Before cleaning the Airpod case charging ports make sure to see our guide about how to clean it because if you use any wet cloth to clean the charging port it will cause a short circuit and your Airpods case will not work again.

To clean the Airpod case charging ports follows the following steps:

  1. Take a toothpick or a toothbrush
  2. Take the dirt and lint out from the charging ports slowly

After cleaning the charging ports connect the charging cable to the Airpods case and see if it works. If this solution didn’t fix your Airpods case tries the next method.

Change The Airpods Charging Cable

The next method that is highly advised to try is to change the Airpods charging cable. Sometimes people buy the cables which are not MFI certified, this could be the reason for your AirPod case not charging problem.

There are multiple fake charging cables in the market which are not good and cause a problem. Buy a new MFI certified cable and check if your Airpod case is now charging the Airpod. If this method didn’t work for you try the next method.

Avoid Using Extension For Airpod Charging

If you are using an extension to charge your Airpods you should avoid it. Try using a wall socket to charge your Airpods because sometimes extension could be the culprit for all the trouble.

After plugging your Airpods case in the wall socket it should most probably starts charging the Airpods now.

To connect the Airpods case to your iPhone follows the following steps:

It is very difficult to tell if the Airpods are charging when connected to the charger. You can connect your Airpods case to your iPhone device to see if it’s charging.

  1. Insert your Airpods into the Airpods case and close the case
  2. Let the Airpods charge for at least 15 minutes
  3. Make sure that devices are paired with each other
  4. Open the Airpods case and keep the Airpods inside
  5. Bring it close to your iPhone to see the Airpods charging status on your iPhone