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The new features of iOS 14 Beta worthy of attention, let you understand them one by one!

iOS 14
iOS 14

After Apple released iOS 14 on 6/23, many new iOS 14 features have made consumers’ eyes bright. On 7/10, it also officially opened to upgrade the iOS 14 public beta test version, as long as users meet the iPhone model, they can experience it first. iOS 14 has some new features worthy of attention. Next, let’s take a look at each one. Finally, we organize devices compatible with iOS 14 so that everyone can see at a glance.

  1. Message function
  2. Camera experience
  3. Optimized with AirPods
  4. HomeKit automation settings
  5. Wake-up function on the back of the phone
  6. Devices compatible with iOS 14

Message function upgrade

  • Pinned conversations: Up to 9 important or frequently used conversations can be pinned to the top of the conversation list.
  • Group photo: You can set a name for the group conversation, add a photo, Memoji, or choose emoji.
  • Specify reply: You can directly reply to the specified message in the group conversation, and you can view the reply in the complete conversation or display it in the discussion thread for centralized viewing.
  • Mention: Enter the name to directly send the message to someone by name. When you are mentioned, your name will be specially marked.

The camera experience is further improved

  • The faster shooting speed
    Can increase in the speed of taking the first photo by up to 25%, the shooting speed of portrait mode photos can be increased by up to 15%, and the speed of two or more photos can be as high as 90%. When the shutter is pressed for continuous shooting, the iPhone camera will automatically adjust the photos intelligently, and iOS will take less time to improve the shooting effect.
  • More iPhones support QuickTake
    iPhone 11 and 2020 iPhone SE has the QuickTake function. Users only need to place their finger on the shutter button to start recording videos in the Camera app. iOS 14 provides this function to iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and Users of iPhone XS Max.
  • The night mode optimization
    Uses the built-in gyroscope to help the iPhone maintain stability during shooting, and it can also interrupt the shooting process in night mode.
  • The volume button controls shooting
    Turn up the volume button for continuous shooting; turn down the volume button to start QuickTake.
  • Front-lens selfie mirroring After
    Enabling the “Front-Camera Mirror Flip” function, the picture when you take a selfie will be at the same angle as the picture after taking the photo.

Optimized with AirPods (supports AirPods second generation and above)

  • Spatial Audio
    This is a new function for AirPods Pro only. It not only reduces noise, but also adds “Spatial Audio” spatial audio with dynamic head tracking function, allowing dual-channel AirPods Pro to simulate 5.1 channels, 7.1 channels, and even An experience similar to Dolby surround sound, coupled with the gyroscope in the headset, allows the AirPods Pro to automatically adjust the position when the user turns his head or moves the device, providing an immersive listening experience.
  • Optimized battery charging The
    new battery notification lets you know when to charge AirPods. In addition, in order to improve the maintenance of AirPods battery health, a new “Optimized Battery Charging” function has been added. After enabling this function, when charging at night, the user will first charge to 80% and then stop, then track the user’s mobile phone habits, predict the user’s mobile phone time, and charge AirPods to 100% before the user uses it. Let AirPods not stay in a fully charged state for a long time and keep charging.
  • Automatic switching
    does not require manual pairing, and AirPods can freely switch between Apple devices intelligently and automatically.
  • Headphone adjustment
    The “headphone adjustment” function can amplify faint sounds and can be adjusted according to personal hearing needs. You can customize the headphone output audio to improve movie dialogue, call vocals, or music details. You can choose the sound quality provided by the iPhone according to your personal preference. Set to apply the setting only when you are on a call or only when you are listening to a song.
  • Apple TV audio sharing
    can connect two AirPods to Apple TV 4K to enjoy movies and TV shows with others.

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HomeKit automation settings

  • More intuitive operation interface.
    When you add new HomeKit accessories, the “Home” app will suggest practical automated operations to facilitate the first use of new users, and the new visual display method in the “Home” app allows users to know what they need most. Pay attention to the functions first.
  • Smart adjustment of lighting
    Smart bulbs can adjust its color temperature and light color according to different times of the day to achieve a more comfortable indoor lighting atmosphere.
  • Set the active area
    Set the “active area”, aim the camera at the most important area, as long as there is any movement in the set area, the user will be prompted.
  • Face recognition
    Now, the camera and sensor know how to recognize the people you marked in the “Photos” app. You can easily mark people, and then choose to receive notifications based on people.

The wake-up function on the back of the phone

It can be set in auxiliary use, tap the back of the phone three or two times to wake up the function.

After reading these functions, if you want to test first, now Apple’s official website provides a beta version for user experience. However, it should be reminded that because the new system has just been launched, the iOS beta will contain a lot of bugs, power consumption, and other unknown unstable factors.

The test version is only provided for developers to develop an App for testing. Do not consider it to be a very stable and official version without any problems. It is normal to find that APP crashes, restarts, abnormal functions, abnormal functions, etc. Although many players have shared the beta version files and have installation instructions, it is recommended that users who want to use the official website participate in the official website plan to do their best to optimize the software.

Devices compatible with iOS 14

iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone XS
iPhone XS MaxiPhone XRiPhone XiPhone 8
iPhone 8 PlusiPhone 7iPhone 7 PlusiPhone 6s
iPhone 6s PlusiPhone SE (1st generation)iPhone SE (2nd generation)iPod touch (7th generation)
Devices compatible with iOS 14